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101 Cyprus Greatest Hits (from 101 to 81)

Date: 17/02/20

Cyprus has a great wealth of various attractions ranging from the obvious leisure and amusement facilities you can enjoy on your holiday to significant historical sites and places of amazing natural beauty.

Cyprus has a great wealth of various attractions ranging from the obvious leisure and amusement facilities you can enjoy on your holiday to significant historical sites and places of amazing natural beauty. The history of the island is full of colourful events that produced a unique culture. In the series of articles “101 Cyprus Greatest Hits” we will guide you through the top facts, activities and attractions you should consider when planning your visit to Cyprus.

101. EU Member since 2004

Cyprus is an EU member, having joined on the 1st of May 2004. This brought many advantages and benefits such as freedom of movement, peace and security, high food and environmental standards.

100. Jumbo

Established in 1986, Jumbo operates 80 stores of which 5 are located in Cyprus. It is a well-known retail store in Cyprus dealing with baby items, property decorations, toiletries, stationary and many other products.

99. Papantoniou Bakeries

Papantoniou bakeries was established in 2007 when its first bakery opened in Kato Paphos. Since then, the company has expanded opening multiple bakeries in Paphos and Limassol. Papantoniou offers a vast range of bread, confectionary, pasties and cakes. In more recent years they offer fresh coffee and hot food for takeaway.

98. Three Pigs Grill House

Others make fast food, but the Three Pigs Grill House makes good food. With a menu ranging from traditional pork kebabs to mixed grill, it is too easy to get carried away with an order. The Three Pigs Grill House allows the enjoyment of their delicious food by either dining in, ordering a take away or by getting it delivered directly to your door.

97. British Products in Cyprus

Alpha Mega superstore has been bringing Tesco products to Cyprus since 2013 when an agreement was reached between the two companies. Papantoniou Supermarkets started a similar deal in 2020 with Sainsburys, bringing to Cyprus familiar British products.

96. Tala Amphitheatre

Located at the top of Tala village, Tala Amphitheatre hosts musical and dancing events during the summer months.  The theatre itself boasts stunning panoramic views from Paphos to Coral Bay. A neighbouring cafe/bar offers refreshments and snacks all year round, while the kids play area and a sports ground provide entertainment for children.

95. Chrysochous Bay

Only 30 minutes from Paphos, Chrysochous Bay area (Polis / Neo Chorio / Latchi / Argaka / Pomos etc.) is a beautiful coastal stretch which remains mostly unspoiled. Stunning natural sandy beaches follow the coastline for many kilometres.

94. Paphos Old Town

Paphos old town underwent extensive renovations in 2017 giving the area a modern touch. Classy glass railing, cobbled roads, upgraded lighting, and elegant fountains are amongst the many upgrades the area received.  A well-positioned Cafe Nero boasts stunning views over Kato Paphos and the Mediterranean Sea. The area also benefits from a local market and some boutique shops and restaurants.

93. Paphos Promenade

The coastal promenade is famous with locals and tourists alike since its construction in 2007. The path stretches from Geroskipou, through Paphos harbour, and then continues on to St George area in Chloraka. Walkers and runners enjoy the fresh air and stunning views of the Paphos coast.

92. Theatres

Cyprus has theatre venues across the island that host a variety of performances throughout the year. Performances range from ballet and orchestra to famous plays. The Markideio Theatre in Paphos’ old town recently benefited from a full renovation giving the building a swish new look.

91. Always on Holiday

Living in Cyprus is like being on a permanent holiday (365 days per year instead of 2 weeks’ holiday)! If you want a change of scenery for that true holiday feeling, why not visit Argaka or Pissouri, both popular holiday destinations for locals.

90. Waterparks

The beach and swimming pool are fun, but sometimes you just want that extra thrill or different scenery. The three main waterparks in Cyprus include The Aphrodite Waterpark in Paphos, Fasouri Watermania in Limassol, and WaterWorld in Agia Napa, offers everything from thrilling free-fall slides, black-hole slides, kids area, lazy rivers and wave pools. Hotels offer cheaper versions which are just as much fun.

89. Recycling

Cyprus recycles plastics, glass, tin and paper. Recycling points can be found throughout towns and villages. Some municipalities such as Tala municipality, make this even easier for you by picking recycling up from your house.

88. Fresh Mediterranean Fish

Fishing boats are often seen in the harbours. They supply local restaurants and supermarkets with fresh fish, caught only hours prior. Most popular fish include Tuna fish, Sea Base, Sea bream, Swordfish, Grouper, and many more.

87. Frappe

Coffee culture is huge in Cyprus. In summer the most popular variety of coffee is Frappe - a blended iced coffee drink made with instant coffee that helps you cool down from the afternoon sun. In Cyprus coffee is so popular that many establishments will offer you a free delivery service!

86. Olive Oil

Another fantastic contribution to the Cypriot healthy lifestyle is the production of fresh extra virgin olive oil. In local villages, olives are freshly picked straight from the trees, before being brought to the oil mills. You cannot get much better than fresh Cypriot oil, with its unique taste. The fresh oil can be enjoyed as a dressing in traditional salad with Feta cheese.

85. International Airports

The International airports in Cyprus provide a vast amount of flights from all over the world. There is always a benefit of living in a tourist based country, airports are never too far away and flights are regular at a low cost.

84. Healthcare (GESY)

New national healthcare scheme “GESY”, introduced on 1st of June 2019, covers all medical needs including serious conditions for Cypriot citizens, EU citizens and third country nationals who work or have permanent residence in Cyprus.

83. Donkeys

Also known as unofficial mascot of Cyprus donkeys have been an indispensable means of transportation for centuries. Even to this day you may see in villages some elderly locals using donkeys to transport their fruit and vegetables. Friendly and sociable donkeys of Cyprus are not to be missed while on your holiday!

82. Paphos Harbour

Locals and tourists alike, enjoy the beautiful Paphos harbour where you can go for a walk or visit the various boats, local restaurants, coffee shops, etc. whilst enjoying the sound of the waves. Paphos harbour is also host to many events such as the annual opera and various festivals.

81. Paphos Castle

The Paphos Castle, originally a Byzantine fort, is an iconic landmark for Paphos, built to protect the harbour. The Building has served as a fortress, a prison, and a salt warehouse when the British ruled. Now the castle is a tourist attraction, and also benefits as a backdrop for Paphos cultural festival in September.


(We will continue the countdown in our next issue of “101 Cyprus Greatest Hits”.)

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