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Cyprus Property News

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Cyprus Property News

Because you are worth it… Buy your property in Cyprus.

Date: 18/08/13

Purchasing a property abroad is a big decision, but for many the decision to buy a property in Cyprus is based as much on intangible reasons as on hardheaded arguments.

Despite the economical woes effecting the countries financial sector, at “Cyprus Resales” we have set numerous sales records since the bailout was agreed and look forward to helping more and more buyers find their dream home on our sunny island. 

When living in Cyprus it’s easy to take everything for granted, especially if you have lived here for many years. Familiarity can make one turn a blind eye on advantages of the place by even the most forward looking individuals. In our role as the leading estate agents in Paphos we have the pleasure of meeting many buyers (mainly Russian) who are not just visiting Paphos for the first time, but often never been to Cyprus before. We are extremely pleased to note that on the whole the opinion of the town and its surrounding villages is overwhelmingly positive. 

The long summer season is one of the main factors that attract foreigners to Cyprus for holidays and the same is true with a property purchase. The warm season here is much longer than anywhere on the Mediterranean, while November and December are also providing many sunny days with temperatures up to 25 Celsius being common place. Our strict listing criteria gives an additional confidence in the eyes of buyers. Every one of our properties is individually valued to ensure that every property is listed at the correct price; the financial background of every property is thoroughly researched before it’s accepted for listing. We do this preparation work in order to ensure buyers of property in Paphos can come and purchase a property with absolute confidence.

With prices having dropped to an extremely attractive level and natural gas deposits about to be exploited in Cypriot waters it’s never been a better time to treat yourself to a property in Paphos from Cyprus Resales.  Invest with confidence and enjoy – because you’re worth it…

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