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Cyprus Property News

Cyprus Tops European water quality list with a clean sweep

Date: 22/05/13

Cyprus topped a European list for all the right reasons yesterday with a top of the class quality of beach waters!

It has been officially accepted that 100% of Cypriot beaches fully pass the strict European standards. The “on depth” report presented by the European Environment  Agency concluded that Cypriot waters were the cleanest in Europe with all the beaches passing with flying colors. The crystal clear waters of Cyprus stood out in contrast with some other European states. For example a disappointing 58 % of British waters is being considered to be “excellent”, France raised the bar to a shoddy 59%, while Spain managed a questionable 82%... Would you risk going in the sea on your holiday when the water quality is of uncertain standard? 

If you want a guarantee of crystal clear waters for you and your family, come to Cyprus and enjoy! With the top quality water and endless sunshine the reasons to buy a property in Cyprus continue to stack up.

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