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Cyprus Property News

January in Cyprus records the third wettest month in the last decade.

Date: 10/02/22

In December there were fears regarding possible water supply shortages in 2022, due to low water levels in the dams of the island. Come January these concerns had completely faded away.

The high levels of January rainfall meant water levels in dams were the third highest in the decade. Since October 2021 dams in Cyprus have collected a massive 101,000 million cubic metres of water - nearly three times more than the previous year at 36,098 million cubic metres.

On Tuesday (08/02/22) the island’s second largest dam, Asprokremos, overflowed for the eighth time in 40 years since it was built in 1982. Several smaller dams, including Argaka and Pomos, have also overflowed.

Currently the overall water capacity on the island is almost 80% full. Let’s see what the remaining weeks of winter 2022 have got in store for us!

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