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Nautilus takes to the water in Paphos Harbor.

Date: 05/08/12

One was witnessing a surreal scene today in Paphos Harbor as “Nautilus” from the fictional novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” and “The Mysterious Island” was carefully lifted by crane and launched into the Harbor waters.

The soon to be tourist attraction has been taking shape in dry dock over the last few months. We must give credit to the Paphian interpretation of Nautilus as it is a pretty faithful representation of the vessel from the 1954 film, starring Kirk Douglas and James Mason. Its creator spared no time and expense depicting every little detail of the famous vessel. 

Prepare to be welcomed aboard by Captain Nemo himself! Soon he will show the inquisitive crowd this well done representation of a mysterious fictional vessel and perhaps will even take you to the bridge! No doubt, tourists and Paphians alike are now looking forward to Nautilus doing battle with a giant squid… Get your cameras ready!

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