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Cyprus Property News

New health scheme GESY has proven to be a success.

Date: 15/07/19

The absence of equal healthcare services has long been the case for many residents of Cyprus...

Many European Citizens and third-country nationals were forced to use private health care only and thus being out of pocket compared to Cypriot Citizens. However, this has changed with the introduction of a new equal access healthcare scheme introduced on 1 June 2019.

All residents in Cyprus have the opportunity to register with the new national healthcare scheme GHS (The General Healthcare System) also known as “Gesy”. GHS covers all medical care needs including chronic rare and serious conditions. 

Beneficiaries include Cypriot citizens, EU citizens who work or have permanent residence, and third country nationalists who have permanent residence. Individuals without income such as the unemployed, children and students also have equal access to healthcare services.

In order to become a member, beneficiaries must enrol online or alternatively through a personal doctor.

After June 1 launch the new scheme has proven to be extremely popular with both Cypriots and foreigners, receiving fast access to quality health care.

Further information can be found here

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