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Cyprus Property News

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Date: 22/04/20

At “Cyprus Resales” we have around 70 years of property sales’ experience between our expert director and international sales teams.

Based on this wealth of experience we really thought we had “seen it all” but the last few weeks have brought unprecedented circumstances indeed.

We have built our agency by rising to the challenge and the current circumstances are no exception. We are an agency forged in difficult times. Our agency has seen the international banking crisis of 2008, Cyprus bail-in of 2013 and most recently BREXIT, a four-year marathon of troubles. Our back-up plan during COVID-19 lockdown was actioned seamlessly and our team remains open for business, albeit dramatically less office bound.

Our software allows us to effectively operate from any location and to conduct virtual meetings as needed. It has always been our ethos to fully utilise technology and thus our multi-award-winning website looks like it was designed for times like these – with full 3D scans of every property, detailed floor plans and maps.

The property market in Cyprus will face a difficult period in the months ahead, we will be here to help you navigate these turbulent times giving you an unrivaled insight into the market. These are extraordinary times, but we have an extraordinary team who are looking forward to helping you realise your dreams of buying or selling a property in Cyprus.

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