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Cyprus Property News

Preparing your home for Photography and Virtual Reality walkthrough.

Date: 10/03/16

Your Cyprus property is one of your most valuable assets. When the time to sell comes, the way your property is presented plays a big part in attracting potential buyers and gaining the best possible sale’s price.

Your decision in choosing Cyprus Resales as your estate agent is the best one you could have made. Our award-winning website, class leading photographs and virtual reality walkthroughs will certainly make your property look its best. High quality presentation is one of the many services that makes Cyprus Resales the first choice for owners who understand that first impressions last.

Carefully preparing for professional photography and 3D walkthrough of your home is often the first step in the marketing process. Even if you don’t have the budget to renovate before selling, there are many things you can do to help present your home in the best possible way. Make the property ready for photography and you will also have it looking shipshape for your open home viewings.

Here are some tips…

 De-clutter the home.
 Clean the windows.
 Ensure all lights are working and lightbulbs are the same colour and type.
 Hide electrical cords as best as possible.
 Ensure all doors and windows can be opened and keys are available.

 Clean shower screens, basins and mirrors.
 Remove personal items, bottles and hanging items from shower and basin.
 Remove mats, scales, waste and linen baskets.
 Ensure toilet rolls are tidy and toilet seats are down.
 Coordinate the colour of towels and fold them neatly.
 Decorating ideas - stage a selection of new bottles, newly opened soap bars, scented candles and flowers in vases or pots.

Living Areas
 Remove unnecessary small furniture and clutter.
 Remove heaters and fans.
 Clear tables of remotes and magazines. 
 Tidy bookshelves.
 Ensure curtains are hooked up and open properly.
 Decorating ideas - add colour, for example flowers, cushions, throws.

 Tidy kitchen and clear bench tops.
 Remove dishes, drying racks and bottles from sinks.
 Remove tea towels, mats and remove fridge magnets etc..
 Remove rubbish bins, pet bowls and litter trays
 Decorating ideas - stage a bowl with fresh bright fruit (oranges/Granny Smith apples/pomegranates), teapot set etc. 

 Make beds and turn on lamps.
 Clear items from bedside & dressing tables.
 Remove clutter and clear area underneath beds.
 Decorating ideas – choose a light neutral colour for your bed covers/bed linen, use strong colours ONLY as accents. Put only choice items on your dressing table – a couple of perfume bottles.

Garden and street front
 Remove toys out of sight.
 Remove pet related items and droppings.
 Keep cars out of sight.
 Remove laundry from washing lines.
 Hide rubbish bins.
 Water blast decks and terraces if necessary.
 Trim trees and hedges to enhance the views.
 Arrange gardens furniture as if you are expecting to use it.
 Decorating ideas – sitting or dining area could be staged for a “friends’ visit”, i.e. a bottle of wine with glasses (best ones you have) or jug of water with glasses or a bowl of cherries and strawberries!

Swimming pools
 Clean the pool. 
 Remove pool cover.
 Remove pool cleaner and cleaning equipment.
 Remove pool toys etc.
 Decorating ideas – place fresh colour coordinated towels on the sunbeds next to the pool.

If you need any further advice on how to present your specific property, please feel free to contact us. Remember – neat and tidy presentation during the photography session is essential to maximising your property’s potential. Our virtual reality walkthrough is really an instant on-line viewing and should be treated as such. 

Please view these example of how your property should look once we are finished with it:
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